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Latest from the Blog

The End of a Good Semester

            English 1103. College Writing and Public Life. Quarter 2. The second half of a semester that I found rather intriguing than intimidating. My midterm reflection targeted my feelings towards English 1103 and how nervous I was to collaborate with my peers on certain topics. The course intimidated me, and I was never really interested in…

Into the Mind of an Instagram User

Comments. Likes. Content. Instagram, a social media platform that has reached nearly 1 billion monthly users in the past year, more than any other platform has in the past few years. You may be wondering why? Why have we, as a community, reached this peak of love for social media, and why are we so…

Dear Mrs. White, Thank you!

Dear Mrs. White,  I am writing to you from my College Writing and Public Life class at High Point University to thank you! Although you may not remember me, I certainly remember you and all of the support I received from you. From elementary school to high school, I struggled with all sorts of reading…

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